Performance Coaching for Highly Effective Teams®!

What is a Highly Effective Team? A healthy and productive team led by one team manager focused on process, team building, and facilitation with members who feel happy, valued, and committed and deliver quality content.

Healthy is defined as our ability to address conflict constructively, express our opinions, take risks, ask for help, and uphold our obligation to dissent. Healthy teams have clarity on roles and process, psychological safety, and work/life balance.

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Why HET®?

  • HET is a whole system for changing organizational culture.

  • HET promotes mindsets and behaviors that help team members feel happy, valued, and committed instead of frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed.

  • HET helps us work on the right things, get them done, and deliver on our promises.

HET Designed for You

HET for Strategy Teams

For strategy leaders and long-term teams that want to successfully articulate and implement a portfolio of priorities.

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HET for Project Teams

For project managers and ad hoc teams that want to effectively plan, manage, and deliver on a time-bound project.

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HET for All

For anyone who wants to learn how to plan and manage a body of work or become a better team member.

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How We Can Help You

Develop Highly Effective Teams with Our Online and In-Person Resources


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Take your teamwork to the next level with an in-person workshop or virtual training program for individuals or teams.

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Develop your HET skills through our self-paced learning programs available by subscription or topical download.

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Engage a certified coach to help you or your team deliver on your work and improve how you collaborate.

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Partner with one of our experienced consultants to help you manage a strategy team, project team, or improve your teamwork.

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