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Module 5: Performance Tools for Everyone

In the HET for All Module, you learn behaviors to improve team performance and work as a Highly Effective Team. These behaviors are required during the other four stages of teamwork, and even when working individually, to help you be more productive and constructive in the workplace.

The wave graphic illustrates how the modules fit together. Module 5 focuses on tools and practices that everyone can use.

Key Principles

Module 5 consists of three key principles:

Keep Your Commitments

Hold yourself and others accountable to promises by clearly tracking the agreed body of work and progress toward completing it.

Drive accountability is about kindly but consistently reminding and holding ourselves and one another accountable to the commitments we have made. This requires that commitments have been realistically made through honest conversations and written down clearly and accurately. HET provides you with systems for Portfolio Tracking and Action Items Tracking as ways to record commitments and hold team members accountable for completing them. These tool helps drive accountability during meetings by visibly capturing new commitments. When people see and allow their names to be written by proposed commitments, they have the opportunity to agree with the assignment and confirm they will take responsibility.

Clarity plus commitment allows us to drive accountability.

Build Trust and Respect

Establish practices to help diverse team members with different personalities, perspectives, and interpersonal dynamics work well together.

Engage constructively is an HET toolkit that helps teams work better together. Teams are made up of people, people have personalities and feelings, and interpersonal dynamics affect our ability to work together productively. The HET Working Agreements tool helps you set the stage for how your team expects to work together. Then, when team dynamics inevitably get difficult, the Working Agreements give your team a reference point and a shared language for identifying what has gone wrong and how to fix it. When people avoid difficult conversations, they will sometimes find ways to stop working with the other person. Other HET team engagement tools include the Issue Clearing Script, learning how to give and receive feedback, how personality types affect interpersonal dynamics, and how to steer a team through periodic storms that naturally occur as a part of team development.

You can’t control anyone but yourself (and sometimes not even that).

Use Team Time Well

Make your meetings productive and a great use of everyone’s time by making decisions and getting real work done together.

Facilitate great meetings is a system that equips facilitators with practices and tools for helping teams do work, make decisions, and achieve clarity in meetings so that everyone knows what to do outside of the meetings. Everyone deserves great meetings that are a productive use of our time. The HET Meeting Plan tool helps you define why your team needs to meet, what work needs to be done together, how you are going to spend the time productively, and who is doing what to make the meeting a success. Other HET meeting facilitation tools include practices and tools for converting open-ended discussions into concrete decisions and action items and making decision-making transparent.


Meetings are for doing work.

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