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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Questions About Highly Effective Teams®.

What is Highly Effective Teams?

Highly Effective Teams (HET®) is an organizational culture change system designed to support the implementation of the organizational mission by fostering a culture of teamwork and improving the performance of teams.

Who Is HET?

Highly Effective Teams was created by Gali Beh and a team of five experienced and dedicated management consultants. We also support HET through a network of certified coaches who can help you learn and apply HET in your organization.

Where is HET located?

We are a female owned firm based in the Denver Metropolitan Area serving clients and individuals globally.

How long has HET been in business?

We have been helping develop high performance teamwork in organizations for over 15 years.

What types of teams does HET support?

We work with all sizes of strategy and project teams in large and small organizations from diverse sectors (non-profit, corporate, and government). We also work with individuals to learn and apply HET to their work.

How can HET make my team more successful?

HET promotes a set of mindsets and behaviors that you, or your team, can adopt and implement so that you improve how you work together and get better results. These behaviors are (1) having real conversations, (2) making only realistic commitments, (3) writing down those commitments, and (4) kindly but consistently holding one another accountable to your written commitments. The HET system supports adoption of desired behaviors by offering sensible principles, streamlined tools, and memorable mantras that promote memory retention and ease of use. We believe that the more you adopt these behaviors, the more you will have teams of people who feel happy, valued, and committed instead of frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed. This in turn will lead to your organization’s ability to work on the right things, get those things done, and deliver on your promises.

And, HET provides a common language for aligning your organization and roles around a strategy, articulating a strategy in a simple framework, breaking the strategy down into portfolios of projects and roles, and helping teams organize their work. With the complete HET system, your organization can drive accountability through single points of responsibility from strategies down to individual actions.

Does HET provide on site and remote training and services?

Yes. We facilitate in-person and virtual training programs, coaching, and consulting services. We also offer an online self-study program.

How do I contact HET?

We’re here to help and would love to hear from you. Contact us today!