Business Performance Coaching

Make Yourself, Your Team, Department, or Organization Healthier and More Productive

At HET®, we believe in three tenets.

Healthy and effective teams produce better results.

Passion-driven organizations succeed when we bring our whole selves to work.

Peak team experiences improve our lives and our ability to change the world.

Organizational change starts with one person at a time. HET is a system for changing mindsets and behaviors at an individual level until a tipping point is reached and organizational culture improves as well. Organizations that promote a healthy culture are better positioned to implement their mission and bring about the change they want to see in the world.

Our team of trainers, coaches, and consultants work with large and small organizations. We offer proven strategies that will help improve office culture, communication and output. Let our trusted methodologies lead your team to success!

Strategic Planning

Our HET Consulting Team has facilitated and led hundreds of strategic planning and strategic management processes.  We use the HET Framework to guide each engagement so that strategy teams are well-organized, develop a clear vision and theory of change, organize people and resources around the highest priority work, and actively measure results and outcomes.

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Project Management

Our HET Coaches and Consultants have also worked with hundreds of teams to help them plan and implement their projects. We help teams effectively plan and manage projects that deliver tangible products and measurable results. We work with teams to help you organize your roles and execute on your deliverables. We foster teamwork by helping teams develop the behaviors needed to engage constructively.

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Organizational Culture

HET is a system for changing organizational culture. Culture is a manifestation of what an organization truly values, tolerates, or disallows. It is a reflection of our collective behaviors and mindsets. We believe an organization’s culture is intrinsic to the success of its strategy. HET is designed to develop a culture of psychological safety in which people feel safe to bring their whole selves to work, allowing them to be more productive and creative.

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Organizational Structure

Using HET improves collaboration in organizations. Our methods and tools help you align your people and resources with your strategy and your highest priority work. When people understand how their work contributes to the overall strategy, they are more committed and working in concert to achieve your desired results.

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Communication & Collaboration

High performance teams communicate clearly and collaborate with purpose. One of the behaviors that HET promotes is having real conversations. HET gives you methods and tools that help your team clear issues, provide constructive feedback, leverage differences, and establish working agreements that support productive teamwork.

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Team Coaching

Our Coaches and Consultants work with large and small teams. Teams may be working on more complex efforts, such an articulating and managing organizational strategy through multiple projects. And, we help teams apply the HET system, methods and tools to more straightforward projects. Whatever the scope of your team’s work, HET can help you foster a culture of teamwork and get better results.

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