Custom Solutions for Your Team

Whether you are an individual team member or part of an ad hoc or long-term team, we offer curriculum and services to help you improve your performance.

What makes HET® different is that it is an organizational change system that is based on both process improvement and human development. HET is grounded in social science. Building on proven practices from the world of management consulting, sociology, human psychology, and our own consulting work with hundreds of teams, we can help you learn how to work as a Highly Effective Team®.

HET supports adoption of desired behaviors by offering sensible principles, streamlined tools, and memorable mantras that promote memory retention and ease of use. You can apply HET to any scale or body of work from strategy to project to meeting. We emphasize memorable visuals and mantras based on the belief that if you can remember something, then you can communicate it, find, it, use it, and implement it.

We deliver HET through four services: Training, Self Study, Coaching, and Consulting.


Our Introduction to HET Training is for anyone who sponsors or works on projects (which are defined as having time-bound deliverables). It is available as a three-day in-person workshop or a live virtual training program scheduled over one or two weeks, to fit your needs.

This training introduces streamlined and simplified principles and practices of project management, team building, and meeting facilitation. You will practice tools you can deploy with your teams to achieve clarity, take collective action, and succeed.

This introductory training curriculum is for two of three audiences who use HET: HET for Project Teams and HET for All.

  • In part 1, HET for Project Teams, attendees learn about technical skills of project planning and implementation and the interpersonal skills needed for effective teamwork.
  • In Part 2, HET for All, attendees learn methods and tools for driving accountability, engaging constructively, and facilitating great meetings.

Attending the full workshop with your team is a professional development opportunity and contributes to team cohesion and collaboration. Colleagues who do not work on projects will benefit from attending Part 2: HET for All.

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Self Study

Looking for a flexible way to learn? If you want to learn HET on your own time, at your own pace, our self-study program is for you.

The HET for Projects and HET for All curricula are available in self-paced modules which include readings and templates. We provide a set of useful resources which references, templates, and tip sheets to help you or your team, put Highly Effective Teams® methods and tools into practice.

We provide convenient online access to the content through individual Module or Unit downloads through our learning portal.

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Are you a team leader or member who needs support working through team challenges? Are you a team that wants to work better together?

Our coaches provide personalized guidance where you and your team need it most and are equipped to help you learn and apply the full HET system. Our HET Coaches work one-on-one with any team leader or member to address your team’s specific challenges while learning and applying HET Principles and tools. We also deliver HET for Strategy Teams through coaching, and consulting.

Private one-on-one coaching equips the team leader or member to bring what they have learned back to their team to implement on their own.

Team coaching helps your team learn HET together. Our coaches work with teams to put HET into practice doing actual work so that they can see results and adapt along the way.

We deliver HET Coaching virtually, and where possible, in-person.

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Work with one of our HET Consultants to learn HET with your team while getting real work done on your strategy or project. Our experienced team of consultants have helped hundreds of teams across multiple organizations implement HET.

We offer consulting services in strategic planning, project management, organizational culture and structure, and communication and collaboration. Our team delivers HET for Strategy Teams through consulting, and coaching.

We partner with you and your team to help plan and implement your project or strategy. Your team learns HET through demonstration and modeling and gets the benefit of HET in real time so you and your team become motivated to learn and use our methods, principles and tools. Our consultants position your team to succeed through HET and to act as future internal champions for highly effective teamwork and change in the organization.

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