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Our Bold Vision

Highly Effective Teams® (HET®) exists to make the world a better team, so that together, we can all make the world a better place.

We believe that skilled, happy and healthy people produce better results, that passion-driven organizations succeed when we bring our whole selves to work, and that peak team experiences improve our lives and our ability to change the world.

Our Passionate History

Highly Effective Teams started in 2002 with a fresh idea. Inspired by team-based practices from the world of management consulting, we designed HET to help team members feel happy, engaged, and energized, knowing that under these conditions, teams and organizations can thrive and do their best work.

In 2007, we grew our own team to bring HET performance coaching to more organizations. More than a decade later, we have helped thousands of individuals and hundreds of strategy and project teams achieve breakthrough results through high performance teamwork.

In 2018, we launched a new suite of virtual training, self-study, coaching accreditation, and consulting services to support a growing number of users and provide access to others.

Today, HET is a whole system for changing organizational culture. 

Our Theory of Change

HET is a system for changing mindsets and behaviors at an individual level until a tipping point is reached, and organizational culture improves as well.

Organizational change depends on effecting change one person and one team at a time. HET begins with the belief that the only person you can control is yourself. It promotes four behaviors that any one of us can adopt and implement on our own:

  1. Have real conversations
  2. Make only realistic commitments
  3. Write down those commitments
  4. Kindly but consistently hold one another accountable to our written commitments

We believe that the more we adopt these behaviors, the more we will have teams of people who feel happy, valued, and committed instead of frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed. This in turn will lead to our organization’s ability to work on the right things, get those things done, and deliver on our promises.

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The Proven Methods We Employ


Our HET for Projects and HET for All training is grounded in science, draws on work with hundreds of teams, and helps you apply HET to real-time teamwork.

Self Study

Our HET for Projects and HET for All self-paced learning programs let you learn at your own pace and provide exercises to help you retain and put HET to work.


Our coaching approach is to inspire you, and any type of team, to foster a culture of high performance teamwork so that you can make progress toward your goals.


Our consultants are experienced problem-solvers. They use HET to help you, Strategy Teams, and Project Teams solve problems and achieve organizational goals.

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Our Dynamic Team

We are experienced and caring consultants dedicated to building high performance teams.

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